Are your loved-ones struggling with Internet addiction?

Limit their internet access now with
Skeebloo’s Windows-7 countdown timer!

What is Skeebloo?

Unlike other blockers on the market today, Skeebloo is the world’s toughest no-nonsense internet blocking utility.

Your child wants to go online behind your back?

Not a chance!
Skeebloo was designed with these cheat-proof measures in mind:


The user decides to log off and log back on


The user reboots the computer


The user resets the Microsoft clock


The user attempts to stop the application service


The user attempts to uninstall Skeebloo (active)

The best way to use Skeeblo:

As the medical doctor helps many, he often fails with himself. Likewise, Skeebloo is most effective
when used to treat friends and loved-ones. Skeebloo is not recommended for self-help.